Meet the Team

Skilled Dental Team to Keep Your Smile Shining

Beautiful smiles and great relationships are built at Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas. It starts with a warm welcome, a comfortable setting, and a friendly team of professionals who are eager to help make you feel at home. When you come in for your dental visit, you can be sure we will not only know your name, but any special preferences you have regarding your dental treatment.


Practice Administrator

Brandy has been helping patients in our office since 2013! She loves helping patients with their dental needs, and she also enjoys being able to work with such an amazing and fun team. She says that ADCLC is her second family!

Brandy has a wonderful husband and is blessed to have two wonderful, smart, and handsome boys who she says are her proudest accomplishment.

Brandy’s life motto is “Let your smile change the world,” and all our patients know it because Brandy shares her warm smiles and infectious laughter with everyone. Brandy’s biggest influence is her mother, who, despite raising Brandy and her sister alone, worked incredibly hard to give them an amazing life. Even though she passed away in 2004, Brandy will forever be blessed to be the daughter of such a loving, caring, strong woman.

If you hear laughter coming from the back of our office, you can bet Brandy is involved! Brandy is gifted at making work fun, and her enthusiastic personality and delightful sense of humor are now legendary at our office


Dental Assistant

Adela has been Dr. Dunn’s assistant and right hand for over thirty years. She has so many talents that we all think she can do anything. Her many office responsibilities include assisting, temporary and lab creation and cosmetic mockups. Her favorite
part of her job is assisting with cosmetic cases. She loves the anticipation and then seeing patients so happy when they see the final results.

Adela first learned dental assisting while stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, and has lived all over the world. She is famous for her amazing Mexican food, and her authentic pozole soup is a much-requested menu item in the office! Her hobbies include planting flowers, fabulous cooking and modern sports fencing.

Adela has three children and six grandchildren. It fills her heart with joy when her whole family is together in her home, talking and being silly. She absolutely adores her grandchildren and, of course, loves being “Nana” to them.

Adela says Dr. Dunn makes her laugh almost every day with his funny voices, impressions and many jokes. She laughingly recalls many years spent watching soaps during their lunch hour and shushing anyone who dared to talk during “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She especially enjoys hearing the laughter in the office as we tend to get silly near the end of the day. Adela loves being a part of the ADCLC family, and we know our patients are thankful that she is!



Melody has been a hygienist in our office since 2012! She is the Hygiene Department Team Leader. She’s been in the dental field for over 44 years. Including starting as a Chairside Assistant, an Oral Surgery Assistant and an Office Manager. If someone has a question she is our go to for the answer!

Melody always comes to work with a positive sunshiny attitude! Often humming or singing! She is always available to help whatever team member or patient needs her. She loves that our team works together in taking care of all of our patients. Helping patients is her passion in whatever capacity they need.

Understanding dental treatment, gum disease and calming their fears! Patients comment that she is gentle and fast but thorough.

We all call her Mama Mel since she is a great mama to all of the staff! Dr. Dunn still remembers when she brought homemade chocolate covered strawberries during her hiring interview! She loves how our staff not only takes care of patients but of each other too!

She and Her husband are empty nesters. Melody enjoys hanging outside by her pool, traveling, reading, her two dogs and genealogy research on Her pride and joy is her daughter who is a Pediatric CICU Nurse.


Front Desk

Meet Sabrina Robledo, the friendly face who greets you at our front desk! Joining Dr. Dunn’s team in November 2022, Sabrina has embarked on an incredible journey in the world of dentistry. What she loves most about her job is forming connections with our wonderful regular patients. Each person’s unique story and background makes every day at the office an enriching experience for her.

When Sabrina isn’t busy welcoming patients and handling calls, she transforms into a baking virtuoso,
wielding a secret talent for crafting mouthwatering banana pudding desserts that are always a hit at gatherings. Beyond the office, she finds comfort in caring for her plant babies, extending her nurturing nature beyond her day job. Family holds a special place in Sabrina’s heart, and she eagerly anticipates the arrival of her first child in February 2024.

Reflecting on special moments at the office, Sabrina smiles at the memory of Dr. Dunn’s surprise 4th of July celebration, where hot dogs brought staff and patients together in a lively setting. Yet, her absolute favorite office memory is from her first Christmas party with the team. It was there that she enjoyed getting to know her coworkers outside of work, feeling like a true member of the team.

Taking inspiration from her parents, who’ve celebrated 39 years of happy marriage, Sabrina sees them as her ultimate role models. And what makes her proudest? The moment she found out she was going to be a
mom—an incredible milestone that fills her life with immense joy and fulfillment.

Guided by a simple yet profound life motto, Sabrina believes in doing whatever makes you happy and emphasizes savoring each moment because ‘the days aren’t coming back.’


RDA/Scheduling Coordinator

Amy has been in the dental field for over 25 years and is a Registered Dental Assistant who is cross-trained to help out in all areas of our office. Her warm personality and hospitable spirit make her perfect for her job of welcoming you into the ADCLC family. Amy enjoys the energy we have as a team and the way we always encourage each other to make our office better each day.


Amy is a wonderful hostess and enjoys cooking and grilling for friends and family. Her favorite sports team is and always will be, The Dallas Cowboys!


Amy loves the time spent with her dental family. Her favorite is when Dr. Dunn brings everyone in the office tulips for Valentine’s Day and buys us shoes on “Shoe Day”. She always says, “Dr. Dunn really knows how to take care of us girls!” Amy is full of laughter and joy and truly lives by the saying, “God is good – All the time!”



Ashley is a compassionate dental hygienist with roots deep in North Texas farm life. Her love for family and nurturing extends beyond the dental chair, where she finds joy in spending time with her children. Passionate about the intricate link between oral health and overall well-being, Ashley is committed to staying abreast of the latest scientific findings and dental hygiene practices. When she’s not perfecting smiles, you can find her in the kitchen crafting culinary delights or tending to her garden, cultivating both her love for cooking and nurturing life.



Meet Christina Salazar, our receptionist who absolutely adores her job! Back in 2023, she joined forces with Dr. Dunn, and ever since, her passion for helping patients has only grown stronger. Her dedication to their dental health and the top-notch care they receive is unwavering, and she makes sure they know just how much she cares.

When she’s not busy brightening smiles, Christina is a bundle of joy herself. She’s a Christmas enthusiast who can’t get enough of the holiday spirit. Off-duty, you’ll often find her spending quality time with friends
or sharing wisdom as a Sunday school teacher. At home, she is thankful for her loving husband, Noel, and their two adorable kids, Christopher and Samantha. Oh, and let’s not forget their four-legged friend, Ninja the other baby!


Christina has a treasure trove of fond memories from work, like the day Dr. Dunn fired up the grill for a hotdog feast or that spontaneous ice cream run she and a coworker embarked on during lunch break.

Speaking of heroes, Christina’s top pick is her husband, Noel. She’s deeply in love with his steadfast affection, his endless curiosity, and his consistent ability to come to her rescue.

But perhaps the highlight of Christina’s life journey is when she accepted Jesus as her Lord. Her guiding principle is simple: “Lead by example.” Whether at work or at home, she’s dedicated to living a life that
reflects her deep faith.



Joining Dr. Dunn’s team in November 2023, Han brought not just enthusiasm, but a genuine passion for building close-knit environments. While the welcome work-life balance was attractive, it was the patients who truly won her heart. Witnessing their journeys to better health, their blossoming confidence – that was a reward beyond measure.

But Han’s world extends far beyond the practice walls. Shaped by Vietnamese traditions, Oregon’s charm, and Texas’ warmth, her diverse experiences have instilled a unique, global perspective. This deep
appreciation for cultural nuances and life’s “flavors” – both literal and metaphorical – shines through in every interaction.

When the day’s work is done, Han’s passions take center stage. In the kitchen, she conjures up sweet treats that warm hearts and spirits, just like her patient care. But nature also calls, offering invigorating hikes and a chance to recharge. Traveling with her husband, a dedicated hospital programmer, they explore new cultures and cuisines, enriching their lives in countless ways.

Back home, playful antics and furry cuddles await, courtesy of her adorable Corgi and Cavachon. Yet, her heart finds its deepest inspiration in her parents. Their unwavering love and sacrifices fuel her every step,
evident in her achievement as a first-generation university graduate.

Guided by the motto “Always do your best. In God, we trust,” Han embodies commitment in all she does, both personally and professionally.



Kim is a proud wife and momma. She is a native Texan but lived in Arkansas for many years and part of her heart is there for sure! Kim has 3 children, a 7 year old daughter and 5 year old boy/girl twins. They keep her busy and are so fun! Kim first started with Dr. Dunn in 2011! Dr. Dunn is so fun to work with and she loves how deeply he cares for his employees and his patients. We work hard and also keep each other laughing. Kim’s hero is her mom. She has always been a very hard worker so that her and her brothers could have all they needed and more. She models unconditional love for her family and she always lights up a room with her smile and beauty.

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