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Practice Administrator/Treatment Coordinator

Brandy has been helping patients in our office since 2013! She loves helping patients with their dental needs, and she also enjoys being able to work with such an amazing and fun team. She says that ADCLC is her second family!

Brandy has a wonderful husband and is blessed to have two wonderful, smart, and handsome boys who she says are her proudest accomplishment.

Brandy’s life motto is “Let your smile change the world,” and all our patients know it because Brandy shares her warm smiles and infectious laughter with everyone. Brandy’s biggest influence is her mother, who, despite raising Brandy and her sister alone, worked incredibly hard to give them an amazing life. Even though she passed away in 2004, Brandy will forever be blessed to be the daughter of such a loving, caring, strong woman.

If you hear laughter coming from the back of our office, you can bet Brandy is involved! Brandy is gifted at making work fun, and her enthusiastic personality and delightful sense of humor are now legendary at our office.

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Business Assistant

Many of our patients know Jennifer from the front desk as she discusses their treatment and schedules their next appointments. She loves helping patients stay on track with their dental hygiene and has been giving friendly reminders here since 2014. Jenn’s favorite part of her job, though, is seeing the transformations when our patients have cosmetic dental work. She has been known to get way too excited when someone decides to change their life by getting a smile makeover!

Jenn loves that her job allows her to talk to so many of our patients. It gives her joy to keep up with new babies and marriages in our ADCLC family and to offer cards and encouragement during the tougher times. Her favorite thing to hear in the office, though, is when Dr. Dunn says, “Wait. This will make you laugh…”

Jenn is married to her favorite man ever, and the two of them are always looking for their next adventure. They love hiking, camping, kayaking, taking in the beautiful outdoors and planning their next vacation getaway. They often spend date nights in Fort Worth, dancing to their favorite country and western bands. Jenn stays busy practicing yoga, art journaling and cuddling with Rondo and Carmela, her four and six pound puppy dogs. Her proudest accomplishment is being the mom of the two greatest young men on earth.

As a long-time patient herself, Jennifer’s favorite memory of Dr. Dunn is being in his chair on her wedding day with rollers in her hair crying because she broke her front tooth. Dr. Dunn was so composed and sweet that he calmed her down and made her wedding dress worthy again. Jenn loves working with the fabulous team at ADCLC and having the privilege of being part of this special family. She knows she is blessed and highly favored and truly loves this life!

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Dental Assistant

Adela has been Dr. Dunn’s assistant and right hand for over thirty years. She has so many talents that we all think she can do anything. Her many office responsibilities include assisting, temporary and lab creation and cosmetic mockups. Her favorite part of her job is assisting with cosmetic cases. She loves the anticipation and then seeing patients so happy when they see the final results.

Adela first learned dental assisting while stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, and has lived all over the world. She is famous for her amazing Mexican food, and her authentic pozole soup is a much-requested menu item in the office! Her hobbies include planting flowers, fabulous cooking and modern sports fencing.

Adela has three children and six grandchildren. It fills her heart with joy when her whole family is together in her home, talking and being silly. She absolutely adores her grandchildren and, of course, loves being “Nana” to them.

Adela says Dr. Dunn makes her laugh almost every day with his funny voices, impressions and many jokes. She laughingly recalls many years spent watching soaps during their lunch hour and shushing anyone who dared to talk during “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She especially enjoys hearing the laughter in the office as we tend to get silly near the end of the day. Adela loves being a part of the ADCLC family, and we know our patients are thankful that she is!

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Melody has been a hygienist in our office since 2012! She is the Hygiene Department Team Leader. She’s been in the dental field for over 44 years. Including starting as a Chairside Assistant, an Oral Surgery Assistant and an Office Manager.

Melody always comes to work with a positive sunshiny attitude! Often humming or singing! She is always available to help whatever team member or patient needs her. She loves that our team works together in taking care of all of our patients. Explaining the connection of oral bacteria to other body systems is her passion in helping patients achieve their best health. Patients comment that she is gentle but thorough.

We all call her Mama Mel since she is a great mama to all of the staff! Dr. Dunn still remembers when she brought homemade chocolate covered strawberries during her hiring interview! She and Her husband are empty nesters. Her pride and joy daughter is a Pediatric CICU Nurse.

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Nina joined the ADCLC family at the beginning of 2022. Her favorite part of her job is meeting new people. She enjoys being able to explain things to our patients to help them understand their dental health, including taking and showing pictures throughout the appointment. Our patients love her sweet, bubbly personality and gentle manner.

Nina is a native Texan and graduated from Texas Woman’s University. She is half Filipino and loves embracing her culture, which, of course, includes her family. She is close with her relatives, especially her parents and brother. Nina considers her mom her hero because she was able to leave her home country to come to the United States by herself at a young age and help her family back in the Philippines.

In the office, Nina enjoys Monday team lunches because we are always having fun and joking around. She especially loves Shoe Day, when Dr. Dunn and Connie bring all the different shoes to the office and let each of us choose our favorite pair. When she is not at work, Nina walks nature trails, hangs out with friends and plays video games. She is always up for trying new restaurants. She enjoys tending to her plants and taking care of her two pet goldfish, Boba and Tangerine.

Nina’s life motto is “gotta risk it for the biscuit.” She showed that approach to life in her all-time best memory of Dr. Dunn, when she piled her plate high with Mexican food at a team meeting. Dr. Dunn was so shocked at the amount of food, he told he would give her ten dollars if she could finish it. She was very full and a little richer afterward!

Nina’s enthusiasm for life, can-do attitude and cheery disposition always make us smile. We are so thankful to have her as part of the team!

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Mara began her time with Dr. Dunn and Dr. Anderson in 2021 after moving from Virginia, but she is quick to let everyone know she was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas! As a hygienist, she loves helping ease patients’ dental anxiety and transform a visit they may have dreaded into a positive experience they actually look forward to.

Mara was the salutatorian of her class in high school and graduated summa cum laude for her bachelor’s degree, which is not surprising, knowing her committed and thorough work ethic. Mara is known for her cheery, encouraging attitude and can be found pitching in all over the office during any breaks in her schedule.

She and her husband Ryan have been best friends since middle school. They have a blast with their two fur babies, Toby and Malley, who are the most spoiled golden doodles on the planet. Mara and Ryan are adventurers and love traveling, hiking, experiencing nature, different cultures and new foods and restaurants.

Mara always laughs as she thinks back to the time a lizard was sunbathing on her window screen. Dr. Anderson came in to check it out, and the lizard flew right at him. She still remembers the sound of his scream as he jumped back! Mara especially loves our weekly team meetings as our ADCLC family socializes and bonds over a yummy meal with a little business sprinkled in.

Mara says her role model is Jesus because He lived a perfect life and loved people perfectly. She strives to show that love to every person with whom she comes into contact. She believes life is all about perspective and chooses to always find the positive in any situation. Patients and team members agree, Mara is an absolute joy to have in our office!

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Dental Assistant

Tram made the perfect addition to the ADCLC family in 2021 when she joined us as a dental assistant. She, Dr. Dunn and Adela have such fun talking and laughing. Dr. Dunn constantly amuses her with his silly jokes and quips. She loves having a job that combines so much light-heartedness and laughter in the office with an opportunity to use her amazing organizational and artistic skills.

Tram’s talents do not end at the office. She is a classically trained pianist and makes amazing floral arrangements. She loves making do-it-yourself projects for home and for gifting.

Tram married her sweet husband Joe in 2019. They are self-proclaimed homebodies, but they definitely enjoy occasional travel and camping. They have an 11-year-old Boston Terrier fur baby boy named Ozzy, who loves mugging for the camera in Tram’s many pictures and videos of him. Tram, Joe and Ozzy can be found playing at the park almost every weekend.

Before she was born, Tram’s parents emigrated from Vietnam to Japan, where she grew up. When she was only 18 years old, she came to the United States by herself. Adapting to a new environment and culture, as well as learning English from scratch, was very difficult. Tram is proud of the determination her parents instilled that enabled her to establish a new life for herself. We are just thrilled that she is here with us, as are many of our patients!

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Registered Dental Assistant

Amy has been in the dental field for over 23 years and is a Registered Dental Assistant who is cross-trained to help out in all areas of our office. Her warm personality and hospitable spirit make her perfect for her job of welcoming you into the ADCLC family. Amy enjoys the energy we have as a team and the way we always encourage each other to make our office better each day.

Amy and her husband Claudio have been married for 21 years. They have two beautiful children, Caitlyn and Elijah. They love being together, whether going to concerts, vacationing as a family, or sitting around a campfire on a cool Texas night just enjoying each other’s company. Her family is her proudest accomplishment. Having them makes her want to love more, hug more and cherish all the little things in life.

Amy is a wonderful hostess and enjoys cooking and grilling for friends and family. She loves dancing and listening to Tejano music. Her favorite sports team is and always will be, The Dallas Cowboys!

Amy loves the time spent with her dental family. Just like the rest of us, she loves when we celebrate each birthday or work anniversary with a special office lunch. Her favorite is when Dr. Dunn brings everyone in the office tulips for Valentine’s Day. She always says, “Dr. Dunn really knows how to take care of us girls!”

Amy is full of laughter and joy and truly lives by the saying, “God is good – All the time!”

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