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Preventative Dentistry in Irving

More than Just a Teeth Cleaning

When you think about going to the dentist, do you think more about getting a good cleaning or do you associate it more strongly with filling, crowns, and other dental work? Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas provides preventative dentistry that goes beyond teeth cleanings.

We want our patients to enjoy strong, healthy smiles for a lifetime. That is why we focus very strongly on preventative dentistry. The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true every day at Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas.

How Often Should You Visit The Dentist?

It is recommended that you have a professional dental cleaning and examination at least twice a year. Visit Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas and learn how preventative dentistry can help you maintain positive oral health.

Teeth Cleanings Improve Dental Health

Preventing dental disease with regular professional teeth cleaning, and thorough dental exams using advanced technology, can make a difference in the way you feel when you think about going to the dentist.

Our registered dental hygienists are specially trained to help improve gum health, prevent cavities, and detect dental problems before they become serious dental health issues. Combined with good personal dental habits, seeing your dentist and hygienist at least every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up can have a positive impact on your overall dental health.

Preventive Dental Services in Dallas County

When you come in for your regular dental cleaning and check-up, your dental hygienist will take x-rays and examine the health of your gums. Your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and will be polished and gleaming by the end of the dental visit.

Dental Exams & Oral Cancer Screenings

Dr. Dunn will perform a thorough dental examination in order to identify any signs of disease, such as periodontal disease, infection, tooth decay, and even oral cancer. Our Irving dental office recommends an annual oral cancer screening in order to identify any suspicious changes as early as possible.

Although risk factors include age, alcohol, and tobacco use as well as environmental influences, a full 25% of oral cancers occur in patients with no traditional risk factors. This is why an annual oral cancer screening is advised to all patients over the age of 18.

Preventing Gum Disease

Staying on track with your regular dental exams and cleanings can help prevent tooth loss from gum disease (periodontal disease). Brushing and flossing are not enough to keep bacteria from under the gum line. Regular removal of hardened plaque below the gumline, combined with advanced periodontal diagnostic tools, such as oral DNA testing can identify the presence of destructive bacteria before symptoms start.

Sealing Out Tooth Decay

At about age 6, your first permanent molars erupt and keeping them clean and cavity-free can be a challenge for children this young. Luckily, dental sealants are available to help prevent bacteria from breaking down enamel and causing cavities in your young one’s brand new teeth.

Dental sealants are designed to fill the tiny grooves and crevices that can be hard for younger kids to keep clean. Made from a plastic resin that bonds to the surface of the tooth, sealants can last 3-5 years. Most commonly used on permanent molars, sealants can also be used on baby teeth if needed.

Replace lost or damaged sealants promptly and maintain good personal dental habits to achieve the best results.


Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel and fill in the tiny tubules found in enamel. Fluoride is extremely effective in preventing tooth decay and can also be used to help calm sensitive teeth. Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste can help prevent cavities, but sometimes brushing and flossing is not enough. Your Irving dentist offers prescription strength fluoride treatments and products that can help prevent cavities and treat tooth hypersensitivity.

Fluoride can be applied directly by using a dentist recommended toothpaste or mouth rinse. A stronger fluoride treatment can be performed by Dr. Dunn in just a few minutes. Before choosing a fluoride treatment, either over the counter or prescription strength, ask us which fluoride treatment is best for you.

DIAGNOdent for Early Cavity Detection

An important part of a dental check-up is digital scanning of the tooth surfaces using DIAGNO-Dent laser screening. This advanced technology is able to detect small areas of decay and dental anomalies that the eyes alone cannot.

Repairing tiny areas of decay before they become symptomatic makes dental treatment simpler, more affordable, and increases the likelihood that dental patients will keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

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