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Partial & Full Dentures in Irving

Affordable Denture Options

A confident, healthy smile is important for all our dental patients. Wearing dentures or partial dentures can be a source of insecurity for some. Dr. Dunn offers personalized denture services to our patients in order to create dentures and partials that fit comfortably and look beautiful.

Implant Supported Overdenture

You can choose to have all your teeth replaced, upper or lower, with just four dental implants often in only one appointment. Patients who have worn traditional dentures and experienced problems find the denture with implants affords a natural looking and feeling solution that is more like natural teeth. Click to find out more information about Implant Supported Overdenture.

Conventional Removable Dentures

Conventional removable dentures are used to replace teeth after all have been removed. Following tooth removal, a temporary, immediate denture may be placed while the gums heal. Once fully healed, a final denture is custom made and formed to your anatomy for a good fit. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth, making it possible to bite and chew food. Traditional dentures are removable.

Wearing dentures does not mean you no longer need to visit the dentist. It is important to have your dentures inspected for damage, wear, and fit. In order to ensure lasting comfort and stability, your conventional dentures should be inspected regularly and adjusted or re-lined as the contour of your gums changes over time.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are mounted to a metal framework that is supported by to your natural teeth, providing a replacement for teeth which have been removed. They are custom designed to match the natural shape and color of your surrounding natural teeth. Partial dentures are a removable alternative to dental implants and bridges.

Dentist in Irving TX
Dentist in Irving TX

Choosing a Tooth Replacement Option

Your Irving dentist, Dr. Jerry Dunn, will guide you through the process of choosing the tooth replacement option that is best for you. Through a personal consultation and education about your treatment options, Dr. Dunn will help you thoroughly understand the benefits and limitations of your options. Making the right choice for your dental health will ensure that your end result will be a smile you can have confidence in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the best way to replace missing teeth?


Today, it’s easier than ever to replace missing teeth and achieve natural-looking, durable, and long-lasting results! Depending a patient’s dental needs, lifestyle, expectations of care, and budget, choices can include conventional fixed bridgework, dental implants, or removable partial and complete dentures. At the office of Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas, we’ll discuss all your options in care and answer all your questions as you choose the solution that’s right for you.

Do dentures provide natural-looking results?


With advances in dental materials and technology, today’s dentures are more comfortable and realistic-looking than ever before.

Do I still have to see a dentist if I wear dentures?


Whether you wear partial or complete dentures, it’s essential to see the dentist for routine care. Besides checking the fit and condition of your dentures and making any necessary adjustments, you’ll also receive a comprehensive exam to check on the health of any remaining teeth as well the soft and hard tissues in and around the oral cavity.

What's a same-day denture?


A same-day denture offers an accelerated design and fabrication process that allows a patient to go from impression taking to denture insertion in a single day.

What is the main benefit of an immediate denture?


For patients who don’t want to wait after having teeth extracted, an immediate denture can be inserted the same day your teeth are removed. Sometime later you may need the denture reline to address any changes in its fit once the extraction sites have completely healed.

What if I break my denture?


While no one wants to drop or break a partial or complete denture, accidents do happen. The good news is that in some cases, your partial or complete denture is reparable. It all depends on the extent of the damage. Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you’ve broken or damaged your denture. We’re happy to help.

What if the clasps on my partial have loosened?


The simple act of taking your partial denture in and out can cause certain types of metal clasps to loosen over time. When you come in for your checkup visit or contact our office for an adjustment, we’ll assess the fit of your partial and tighten the clasps for improved stability and comfort.

How much do partial or complete dentures cost?


While rebuilding a complete smile is a worthwhile investment, our office is sensitive to the costs involved in dental care. We customized care and will discuss which treatment options address your needs, lifestyle, and budget. How much a new denture will cost depends on the type of the prosthesis, its design, and the materials used to fabricate the supportive base, teeth, and clasps or precision attachments. Dentures that include the placement of dental implants for added retention and stability typically involve additional costs.

Does dental insurance cover the cost of dentures?


If you have dental insurance, your coverage may include a new or replacement set of dentures.  Our staff is happy to review your coverage with you to ensure you are maximizing your insurance benefits while minimizing any out of pocket expenses.

Why choose the office of Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas?


At the office of Advanced Dental Care of Las Colinas, we provide an extensive range of dental services, including the latest and most effective methods to help patients with missing teeth rebuild complete and beautiful smiles. As skilled and experienced professionals, we recognize that every patient is different, and every smile is unique. We’re passionate about what we do and take great pride in providing personalized treatment plans while treating our patients as valued partners in care.

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